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bigdayphotographer.co.uk – professional wedding photography in Birmingham specialising in capturing the magic of your wedding day in a story-telling way. We love weddings in castles, manor homes, churches and large hotels across the Midlands; plus we like to capture those special moments that children bring to our lives with my Family Photography.

As a professional wedding photographer in Birmingham, we know the importance of working quickly and quietly but at the same time delivering quality wedding images. We understand that many people are not keen to have a camera and lens pointed at them, so other than the formal group shots, many of my photographs are captured when the subject is not aware. These make for great documentary photo’s because people are at their most relaxed.  Check out my wedding photographs

2 hr Pre Wedding Shoot

This is undertaken in advance of your big wedding day. Its purpose is to help you become accustomed and relaxed around the camera and me, plus you get some great relaxed shots to use at your disposal.

Unlimited Coverage of your wedding in Birmingham

Many photographers offer different packages, primarily around the number of hours you want them to be present. For us this is just Sales trickery, trying to entice you into buying the higher costing package because the other options lack flexibility or just don’t include what you want. When you book us, you secure the whole day. So if you want early morning shots through to the first dance in the evening, this is included as standard.

Jorgensen Premium Wedding Photography Albums

Jorgensen Albums are probably one of the worlds finest makers of wedding albums. The album we include as standard is a big 16″ x 12″ premium leather album with flip pages and metal edges. The album alone costs over £500, so this is testament to the quality of our work. Why would you hire a professional wedding photographer but showcase them in a poor album? Only the best will do for your images.

20″ Canvas or Print

As part of the bigdayphotographer package you can choose to receive a big 20″ canvas or print. We’ll even hang it for you if you need assistance.

Photo Booth

This is a great way to capture those present at your wedding in a fun, relaxed and informal way. We set up a small lighting system in a corner of your reception venue and guests can come and have their picture taken. We then use these images to create a collage. this can be illustrated in your album, plus you can have a large print at your convenience. The size will vary depending on the number of images.

Wedding Photography Images on DVD

bigdayphotographer supply our clients with hi-res files on DVD, this is included in your package. While most photographers would charge you extra for such files, or charge you extra for prints, we feel that this is unacceptable in the digital age. By providing you with hi res files you have the choice to get them printed where you want. Sure if you want prints, we would be more than happy to assist.

Money Back Guarantee

bigdayphotographer offer a full money back guarantee with my work. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your wedding album, all you need to do is simply return the album and we will provide you a full refund, including your deposit. We never undertake a wedding that we are not sure I can complete to 110%; this includes being able to capture our style of photography that you have brought into… If the venue, or any aspect of the wedding will prohibit me from working to my strengths, we will not accept the booking. We cannot be fairer than that!

Black & White Photography

I am an enthusiast of black and white photography, which has come from years of studying Henri Cartier-Bresson the infamous street photographer and Elliott Erwitt. For me, black and white is timeless allowing you to look back in 50 years and you just wouldn’t know it. That said, of course I also shoot in colour, in fact all my images start in colour and only those that lend themselves to black and white are converted.