What is the average cost of a wedding photographer?

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What is the average cost of a wedding photographer in Birmingham? Like most products and services, there are budget, mid-range and high-end photographers, and similarly the quality and style of each varies significantly. The question really is “how important is it that you have great wedding photographs and ever-lasting memories?”

If you don’t particularly value or think that photography for your wedding day is important, but you think you should have one because it’s the done thing, then a budget photographer would probably be suffice. A budget wedding photographer is anything really from £250 to £500. For this, you’ll get a photographer for a couple of hours and 50 or so prints. For a £600 you’ll get 5-7 hours coverage, a non premium album and perhaps some prints.

If you value your wedding photography, then it really boils down to your budget. Mid range professional photographers are anything from £1000 – £1800,  including album, full coverage, and perhaps some little extras such as prints. Some photographers feel the need to have a second photographer present, all I would say about this, is that in many cases a second photographer is not required. Only large weddings and large venues really merit such, otherwise for me it could suggest that the photographer isn’t particularly confident in their ability, so needs to rely on having a second shooter present.

And then you have the high end wedding photographer and this is anything really from £2500 – £6000. For me the best wedding photographer around costs £6000 per wedding, but he comes at an absolute premium (as he should) and is obviously not within everyone’s budget.

So, if you are getting married at a great venue, such as a castle, manor house or even a 5* hotel, then don’t scrimp on the photography. You definitely need a mid-range or high end photographer. Choosing a budget photographer for these kind of venues would not do the venue and your wedding justice.

If you do place significant value on your wedding photography, then I would suggest that you opt for a photographer who perhaps uses either Jorgensen or Queensbury albums, as these are simply the best on the market. Some photographers, like to have a couple of packages available, normally depending on the number of hours you want them present. What I suggest here is that you haggle a little with them. For sure, they are on an hourly rate (as is the case in all professional industries) so you need to respect this, but unless you ask for a discount and push a little, it won’t come.

For me, if a photographer offers a discount without being asked by a prospective client, it shouts ‘desperate’ and also suggests they don’t value their work. Do you really want a desperate photographer who doesn’t value their work? I would say not, particularly if you are paying £1200!

All professional photographers have at their disposal a vast array of albums, extras, such as canvases, prints, even iPods containing your images. If there is something you really want included in your package, make sure you get it, even if it means sacrificing something else.

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