Ideas for your Wedding Reception

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Wedding Reception Ideas

by David Vidgen, Birmingham Wedding Photographer:

  1. Instead of a guest book, purchase a large piece of white square or landscape cardboard, cut-out a 10″ x 8″ square in the middle (this is for a photo) and ask your guests to write warm messages around the border. To finish, frame appropriately. The picture can be from your wedding day, or perhaps the pre-wedding shoot.
  2. Allocate a small room with a camcorder, and ask your guests to record personal messages. Edit accordingly…
  3. Instead of having group shots that your guests really do not want to be apart, in between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception (this is often a lull), get your photographer to have a small lighting area set-up and take individual/group ‘mug shots’ – these can then be put into a collage and framed accordingly. Allow your guests to be themselves, pull funny faces etc.
  4. The best wedding cake I have ever shot was a Marks and Spencers cake (as featured in the wedding portfolio / 13th Image) – this cost less that £100, but is beautiful because it is decorated with stunning white roses.
  5. Magicians are a great way to entertain your guests while coffee is being served, or as guests arrive.
  6. If your reception area has some beautiful grounds, why not hire large outdoor games such as Chess and Jenga.

Some other useful tips for your wedding day…

  1. A great way to save money… Do you have a skill that you could trade with a wedding supplier? For example, I didn’t pay for my wedding flowers because I built the florist a website in exchange… this saved me £thousands
  2. Do you have some old gold jewellery that is of no sentimental value lying about? Why not trade in this towards the cost of your wedding rings. Websites such as allow you to do this.
  3. Brides…at some point during the day you are going to need to toilet. The best way to go is facing the toilet system…it’s much easier on the dress!

This article was written by David Vidgen